Destination elopement in oregon | FERN + JUSTICE

Intimate elopement on the coast of Oregon with a home made dress

Elopement Photographers In Oregon

This intimate adventure elopement in Oregon features two beautiful and creative souls Fern and Justice. They got in touch with us through Sabrina's sister who is an incredible portrait photographer in Oregon. We met up with them and almost immediately they were cracking jokes and laughing with us like we'd known each other for years.


We had just finished up 5 shoots in 5 days on the east coast of America, you can see some of those shoots here and here and an incredible elopement we did here. So we got on a plane to Oregon, we had our little girl Novaria with us and we were so excited to meet Fern and Justice in person to talk about their shoot.
There was a few days between landing and the elopement so we got to rest once we stole Sabrina's sisters bedroom for the week.


We had never explored Oregon before this trip other than making lists of places to explore and scouting them out on google earth for the best photo spots. We came across a little spot called Hug Point in our searches and it had everything that Fern and Justice wanted to explore. There was the beach, cliffs, mountains, a small waterfall and caves. What a spot! We drove a few hours to check it out before the big day and knew that they would absolutely love it there, so after facetiming them and not giving away too much, we locked it in and started moving forward with the planning.


On the day of the elopement, we met them at their apartment and to our pleasure we got to meet their new dog Honey. She was so cute and crazy and they asked if they could take her along, we were so happy that they were not afraid to do things their way and have the day that they wanted to have. It was not a problem at all for us as the location is dog friendly and so are we!

As Fern and Justice interacted we knew that this was going to be one of our favourite shoots. They had such a natural intimacy about them, they expressed themselves so easily and readily in front of our cameras that we just captured what was happening. 


We asked them if they'd done any photoshoots before and they said no and that they felt extremely awkward, we were surprised and let them know they look incredibly comfortable in front of the camera. They said that they just embrace the awkward and that it such a good lesson for all of our couples. Please embrace the awkward and let go of trying to look good, that is the only way you will actually look good!


We made our way to Hug Point and took them around to explore the different areas, they said their vows in private on the cliffs and we ended the evening all hanging out watching the last bit of light dip behind the horizon.
We have always encouraged our couples to do things their way, to be completely and unapologetically themselves. We understand and respect tradition but we have a special place in our hearts for the wild ones who go against the grain and do not care what anyone else thinks of it. Fern and Justice, you are so special to us and we will not forget our time with you at Hug Point.