Destination elopement in AMERICA | ALYSSA + AJ

Secret elopement in New Hampshire with a morning photo session 


Have you ever met someone and just been in awe of their aura? You just knew that they were a good person through and through, like you were magnetised to their energy and never wanted to leave it? This is Alyssa and AJ.
A couple of adventurous lovers that enjoy nothing more than spending time alone together in their own world, which is exactly what they decided to do on their elopement day.

Alyssa and aj's perfect start to the day, sleep in, breakfast and cuddles

There is something so special about a love built on hardship. Alyssa was going through a very hard time and AJ was the clarity through it all. He was respectful or her circumstance and an absolute gentlemen as he always is. They have a quite intimate, romantic nature about them and it shows in the photos from their elopement photos.
Sabrina and I explained to them that there is no pressure to perform or be anything but yourselves, that we will be friends hanging out with them with cameras and we'll have some fun together while they get hitched by their favourite castle.

When we arrived at the accomodation, Alyssa and AJ were having some brunch in the kitchen and it was such a fun little scene so Sabrina pulled out her camera and captured a few snaps. There was such an innocence and fun vibe between these two that was adorable to witness. I was doing video that day which we will link to when it is finished!

As you can see there is no one way to run an elopement day and doing things your way is exactly what we'd hope you'd do. There is nothing more fun than seeing a couple in their element enjoying their day through and through.


The rest of the day was so relaxed, just like these two lovers. A lot of playing with their little puppy, swimming in their pool and exploring the area for spots to real their handwritten vows to each other. After a bit of driving, they told us about this old castle in the next town over that they love and although we could not access it that day, it was such a beautiful spot to do their vows. 

If there was anything these guys were in droves, is themselves fully and unapologetically. We had never seen this before and were used to having a marriage celebrant or officiant at the elopement, it was incredible the way that they had prepared for this moment and created a day that was unique and stayed true to who they are.


The rest of the evening involved us all hanging out, talking about what adventures we will go on next time we are in America, becoming the best of friends and gifting them some green.
I know, in Australia that would be so strange, not to mention illegal but, in America weed is now completely legal in many of the states. So what did we decided to do? Come up with a creative way to capture them getting high.

We set up 2 lights of different colours and put the either side of their car, the thinking was, if the smoke takes in both colours then it will make a thirds colour. It turned out great!
See you next year Alyssa and AJ, cannot wait to catch up and adventure with you again!!


Once the very private and very quick official ceremony had finished, the couple wanted to explore the area a bit more. We walked through the woods surrounding the castle and talked about how different it is to Australia. In Australia we have gum trees and call it 'the sticks', in Maine and New Hampshire it is all evergreens and pine trees which makes for not only beautiful lush green scenery but also incredible colours and backdrops for our photos.

We then headed back to New Hampshire to their local beach where we ate pizza and had a fire during sunset, making memories to last our lifetimes.