You're here because you
want to know more!

Q: Am I annoying you with all of these questions?

So the most important
FAQ you should know is...

A: Never! We appreciate you coming to us for any questions and we love being able to help you as much as we can.



Q: How long could it take to get our photos or videos delivered?

A: Photos can take up to 12 weeks and videos can take up to 6 months. Given the amount of time and care we put into each wedding we can't rush our work. We will send sneak peek photos within 3 days of your wedding.

Q: Our wedding is far from where you live. Do you travel?

A: Yes! We love traveling.
That being said though, 2 hours away adds on an extra 4 hours to our work day. Anything over 2 hours distance will have a travel, flight and/or accommodation fee depending on circumstances.

Q: We want to elope in a location that is a far walk or hike. Is that okay with you?

A: Of course. Just incase you haven't noticed yet.. we are always up for an adventure!!

Q: Can we get the raw files of our photos or videos?

A: If you were after any raws please let us know before the day. Typically, we will not send through unedited images or video because that is our unfinished work and anything we capture has our name behind it.

Q: Can we meet you before locking anything in so we can make sure we are a good fit?

A: Absolutely, we prefer it! Let's plan a double date over a video chat.

Q: Our wedding is untraditional.. is that okay?

A: We love "different". We book our weddings based on our connection and feeling that we can provide you with your needs/wants. Not by spiritual beliefs, sexuality, race, wedding style or appearance. 

Q: We've never planned a wedding or elopement before and we are not sure the right steps to take, can you help?

A: We are always here to show you what is possible, give suggestions and link you up with the right vendors for your day. We will also be here to help you build out a timeline.